Feedback from Eduten's users


It is very good and comfortable to do math tests in Eduten. I can easily collect exercises, add additional exercises for faster/smarter ones and publish test’s results to students. Right now I took advantage of the opportunity to do math test in Eduten – in the spring, when there is a tendency to lack time for grading the work, but quick feedback needs to be given so that students can still learn together and do follow-up work if necessary. I am very grateful for the automatically controlled exercises! 🙂

Math teacher


In Eduten, both students and teachers receive better feedback. The teacher will have a good overview of Eduten’s analytics, which topics are difficult for students and which topics are well acquired. This gives the teacher the opportunity to focus on the right topics.
Students receive immediate feedback when solving their tasks in Eduten, which gives them the opportunity to quickly understand whether they have understood the topic correctly. If the student has not understood the topic, Eduten directs him to ask the teacher for help. In our class, it has increased student activity and is being asked much more than before.
The trophies system motivates students to work harder. Students will re-solve tasks that failed the first time. This will help them to better understand the subject.

Nissi Basic School Math Teacher


Using Eduten makes the lesson exciting and creates a learning interest. Students will be happy to solve the tasks and the teacher will receive the necessary feedback. The environment provides opportunities for individualisation and affordable tasks for each child. Very good that there are exercises for the development of cognition processes (e.g. memorins, perception development), they are especially necessary for SEN students.

special education teacher


The 1st class has welcomed Eduten with the greatest joy. There are many child-friendly curriculum-specific tasks in different levels of difficulty.
Already in the first few times you can see the active participation of students. Remote work plays a very important role in this kind of learning.
As a teacher, there are no words of gratitude, because the overview of the study analytics is very thorough. EXCELLENT!
We very much want to use Eduten and we are very grateful for this opportunity.

class teacher


It seems to me that the Eduten environment is a very good opportunity to carry out differentiated learning. Suitable for primary classes, where the level is very different and children love to play.
If mathematics becomes clear by solving such playful tasks, then the added value might be tat students will love mathematics, and this is no longer such a difficult subject!

education technologist


Eduten presents challenges for students. In order to receive the trophy, the student must make an effort and this will create a desire for solving the tasks. The competition moment is very important!
The SEN student can choose suitable tasks that he/she can handle very well and then has a great experience of success.
If the students like it, the teacher will be happy!

class teacher at Lüllemäe Elementary School


Students like that they can play one game as long as they are doing well. As a result, even slower children feel the joy of playing and the experience the success.

Teacher in grades 1-6


Students consider playfulness and quick feedback as Eduten’s greatest values.



The great thing is that Eduten itself gives me suggestions on what additional tasks I could give to some student.

Teacher in grades 1-6


I have noticed that in Eduten, children solve more exercises than writing them into a notebook.

Math teacher