Trial Period

A digital math learning trial in your school with a globally top 1% university from Finland

About The Trial

We are looking for forward-thinking schools to try a global digital learning tool fromĀ University of Turku, Finland.

How it works

Your school chooses teachers to participate in the trial. These teachers receive an online training course that teaches them all about how to use Eduten with their students. Don't worry, Eduten is very easy to learn and use!

4 weekly lessons in school + homework

After the training the teachers replace one weekly mathematics lesson with working with Eduten. The teachers will also assign homework for the students through the system. You will be amazed how easy it is to check which students have done their homework.

Data analysis by University of Turku

After the 4 weeks Turku University team will analyse the data gathered from student activities. They will write a detailed analysis report based on their findings.

Trial closing meeting

We will have a video call where we go through the Turku University report with the participating teachers and school management. The teachers will have the chance to summarise their and their students' experience using Eduten.

Start using Eduten


Your school must fulfil the following qualifications and conditions to use Eduten.

Enthusiastic commitment

Your school must have at least 2 teachers that commit to using Eduten once a week in their classroom + homework. We will provide training and support for the participating teachers, and the kids will love working with Eduten.

ICT skills

Your teachers and students will need to have basic ICT skills to use the software.

Internet and computer access

Eduten is accessed by using a web browser. Each participating teacher and student need to have a reasonably modern desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet with a reliable internet connection to use Eduten.

The best math digital learning platform From Finland

Combining Finnish educational excellence with gamification and AI.